Module 4 Intermission Work

This prework should take no longer than 20 hours to complete the Deliverables. Intermission is absolutely your time to rest and focus on self care. Plan accordingly with your schedules so you don't add unnecessary stress.

Demo Competition

If you are planning to demo a project at Demo Comp in week 1 of Mod 4, you MUST timebox your time over intermission and in week 1 to ensure you are meeting module expectations. We recommend setting aside specific times to work with your demo team over intermission to finish your demo BEFORE week 1 begins. You are responsible for balancing your time between working on the demo project and the tasks below.

FE & BE Prework

Deliverable Content

  1. PD Pre work is to review the following Async/video Lesson on Negotiations . Start by viewing the video, and as you follow along, we recommend taking notes and listing any questions in the survey listed in the deliverable section of the lesson.

    A non deliverable but a great resource is the following Accountability Tracker. It has key pointers and reminders to check for as you develop your career materials. Professional Development Accountability Tracker
  2. Capstone Project Prep
  3. Legacy Code Experience
  4. Read through both the environments and continuous integration lessons.Then go back to a Mod 3 project and integrate CI. For extra fun, set it up for automatic deployment after each PR is merged. If you have setup CI before on a project, use a different tool (ex: CircleCI, TravisCI, etc.) CI will be necessary in the Mod 4 Capstone project.
  5. Note:
    • FE since you now use Cypress for end to end testing, you will need to do a little bit of research because this lesson focuses on jest testing. (Hint: You might find value using the "start-server-and-test" module here!
    • Your tests will need to pass in order for it to succeed!

Non-Deliverable but Helpful

  1. Refamiliarize yourself with the basics of reading and evaluating technical documentation
  2. Refamiliarize yourself with the HTTP request-response cycle, watch this video.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the git rebase workflow. Read this article on git rebase and this article on merging vs. rebasing. The Mod 4 Capstone will require you to use a rebase workflow instead of merge.
  4. Try to complete 2-3 technical challenges in your preferred language. We want you to focus on your breakdown of the problem and problem solving approach! Choose a Technical Challenge Platform that you like. Here are some options:
  5. Sign Up for interview practice with Pramp

Prework Submission

You are expected to have the prework completed by 5 pm the Saturday before you start Mod 4. For the items marked as Deliverable, please complete your prework submission here

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