Module 4 Gear Up Expectations


During your time at Turing, you have discussed the impact that technology and individuals can make on others. Now, we ask you to think more specifically about who as a developer you want to be and what specific plans and actions you can take with you into interviews and on the job.

There are three sessions dedicated to giving you the time to reflect, research, plan, network and share what changes you will make in your future career. You should use this Inclusion Toolkit workbook to help you get started and keep your information in one place.


These reflections and plans are tools for you to take beyond Mod 4 into your technical career, and we encourage you to continue growing your resources and toolkit after you graduate; however, during Mod 4, we do expect the following:

  1. Ask 1 of your interview questions to your interviewer in the Mod 4 Mock Interview.
  2. Connect with an individual in the tech industry that is engaged with a DE&I topic of your choice. Have a 30 minute conversation with them about their experiences.
  3. Complete your toolkit of actions and resources.
  4. Share your takeaways from your networking conversation and your Inclusion Toolkit in small groups in the final Gear Up session in week 5.
  5. Present in your Mod 4 final presentation what specific actions and resources you are taking into your new job that will help your future workplace be more inclusive and/or diverse.

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