Mod 4 Overview

Mod 4 is focused on helping students develop good habits and processes for the job hunt, as well as, on the job professional skills. Front-end and Back-end students are combined to work together on projects to refine communication and collaboration techniques for developing full-stack applications. Schedules are balanced with both technical focus and professional development to allow students opportunities to grow in their technical competencies while providing structure and support for finding their first job. By the end of Mod 4, our goal is for students to feel confident about interviewing and working on the job.


  • Erin Pintozzi (Mod 4 Lead) - she/her
  • Jeremiah Black (Supporting Instructor) - he/him

  • Graduation Requirements

    Students are expected to pass the following:
    • Maintain above 80% attendance
    • Take-Home Project
    • Capstone Project
    • Interview Simulation
    • Professional Development Deliverables
    • Final Presentation

    Professional Development Deliverables Explained

    In order to graduate, the following PD deliverables need to be completed:
    • Deliverable #1: Complete Terminal or Personal portfolio
      • Students may choose to build a personal portfolio OR build a portfolio using Terminal
      • Follow these directions to update and submit your portfolio.
        • If you build your own portfolio, you should start with the "About Me Section" in the link above to guide the content you put on your portfolio.
      • Add at least 2 projects and use these guidelines to help you create the descriptions
      • Upload your polished and targeted resume
      • Include the link to your LinkedIn that is updated and optimized for job search
      • Due date #1: Friday of Week 4. Make sure to "request review" by this date.
      • For Terminal portfolios, we will review and send follow-up on anything to be completed before it can be published. Note: you must select "request review" on your Terminal portfolio and then we will review and publish it; it isn't fully complete until we publish it.

        If you create a personal portfolio, you should DM a link to the Mod 4 instructors when it's ready for review.

      • Final due date: EOD Friday of Week 5. All updates to the portfolio must be made by this time to fulfill this deliverable.
    • Deliverable #2: Full Interview Simulation (includes Resume and Cover Letter)

    Early Graduation Requirements

    For students that have signed a job offer and still want to receive a graduation certificate, please reach out to your instructors and the career development team to follow up on next steps. The below is provided as a general outline of expectations.

  • Attend and maintain above 80% attendance for the first 3 weeks of classes
  • Successfully complete the Take Home Challenge and Evaluation
  • Successfully complete the first part of the Capstone project
  • Complete a 30/60/90 day plan outlining your professional development goals. This article may be helpful as a guide. You can use a copy of this template for your submission.
  • Complete the Employment Survey
  • Complete the End of Program Survey
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