Self Reflection

Self Reflection - What & Why

Balancing the job hunt and the rigors of Turing is no easy feat. It will take time to build your processes to a point where you feel more successful managing these major tasks.


  • Create a gist where you can track your self reflections throughout Mod 4
    • We recommend bookmarking this link as we will be contributing to this gist on a weekly basis

Weekly Questions

  • Describe the person that you want to become?
  • What have you done this week to work toward becoming that person?
  • What habits, processes, and knowledge have you identified this week that you will need to improve on or obtain in order to become that person?
  • What wins or appreciations do you have for this past week?
  • What struggles did you encounter?
  • How well did you stick to your calendar this past week? Did you spend more/less time in some areas than planned? If so, what areas and why?
  • Do you need to adjust your calendar for next week?

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