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Stand-ups are one of the most fundamental parts of agile development. Think of a stand-up as an opportunity to huddle with your team in order to stay informed and connected throughout a sprint.

We will work on our ability to contribute to and report out of daily stand-up meetings in Mod 4. This exercise will give you a jumpstart on other new hires when you begin your first job out of Turing!

Questions to Ask/Answer (Pick One!)

  • Work Status: Is anything getting in the way of finishing the work as expected? If so:
    • Who can you ask for help?
    • What is your follow up plan for this contact?
  • Community Status: What wins and/or appreciations do you have since our last meeting?
  • Job Status: Where have you applied? What’s the job hunting looking like?
  • Personal Status: How are you feeling? Why?
    • Green: I’m feeling great!
    • Yellow: Meh. I’m doing OK.
    • Red: I’m not feeling great right now and could use some support.

Expectations for Stand-Ups

  • Be prepared with an answer for each of the above questions before the meeting starts. This will allow you to convey your answers concisely and accurately
  • Often times, stand-up meetings happen first thing in the morning. Try to arrive EARLY so that you’ll ensure you are ON-TIME
  • One group member will be responsible for capturing the notes from the standup using the following form

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