Employer Case Study Final Presentation

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Your presentation will not only showcase your research and networking efforts but also provide insights into your adaptability and problem-solving skills. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your experiences and demonstrate how you’ve grown and learned throughout the process.


  • Student-directed presentation (~10-15 minutes)
    • Develop an organized slide deck or Google document to present your research and job search steps.
    • Include visual aids, such as charts or graphs, to enhance your presentation.
  • Instructor feedback (~5 minutes)

Potential Outcomes

  • If everything goes according to plan: good luck in the future!
  • If a student fails to present (due to illness, etc), please arrange an alternate time to present to instructors.
  • If a student delivers an exceptionally poor presentation: instructors will determine the next steps.


Each student will deliver a slide presentation in front of your instructors. The presentation will include the following sections:

  1. Summarize Employer Persona Research:
    • Summarize your employer persona research, emphasizing “Why Us,” “Why this Role,” and “Why You.”
    • Outline the key findings about the company’s culture, mission, and the specific role you’re targeting.
    • Highlight the steps you’ve taken in the job search process.
  2. Share Networking Efforts:
    • Explain how you’ve networked within the company, whether through LinkedIn, professional events, or other platforms.
    • Describe your interactions and connections within the organization.
  3. Discuss Outreach Strategies:
    • Share your outreach messages and strategies for contacting professionals at the company.
    • Discuss the methods you used to capture their attention and encourage a response.
  4. Explain Meeting Preparation:
    • Detail how you prepared for meetings with company representatives, including the questions and topics you planned to discuss.
    • Address any research conducted on the individuals you interacted with.
    • Even if a meeting hasn’t yet occurred, you should still have some notes prepped so you’re ready to go if/when someone gets back to you.
  5. Interview Simulation Preparation
    • Discuss steps you took to prepare for your interview simulation as a result of your research and networking.
  6. Outcome and Reflection:
    • Discuss the outcomes of your outreach, networking, and meetings.
    • Share key learnings, including what went well and what challenges you faced.
    • Address how you plan to deal with these challenges in future job search efforts.
  7. Technical Roadmap
    • A summary of your technical roadmap to be carried out in the 6 weeks post-mod 4
      • This should include at least 4 stories/issues that you plan to work on for continuing work on your capstone project
    • A detailed schedule for the first week after graduation
    • Here is a link to the Technical Roadmap template. Make a copy of the document and fill in the template.

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