Capstone Project Expansion (Part 2)

Learning Goals

  • Start thinking beyond MVP and consider how to account for performance, feature improvement, and usability
  • Use an agile process to turn well defined requirements into deployed and production ready software
  • Gain experience dividing applications into components and domains of responsibilities to facilitate multi-developer teams. Service oriented architecture concepts and patterns are highly encouraged.
  • Explore and implement new concepts, patterns, or libraries that have not been explicitly taught while at Turing
  • Practice an advanced, professional git workflow including a Pull Request Review


For the capstone expansion project, students will continue to build off of the first iteration of Capstone to implement new features, new tech, and/or switching on to a different team’s project. Please review each of the following pages for more detail:

  1. Expectations
  2. Evaluation
  3. Rubric

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