Employer Case Study

Learning Goals

  1. Research Skills: Students will learn how to gather comprehensive information about a chosen company, including its history, culture, mission, and values.

  2. Alignment with Personal Goals: Students will gain insights into how to assess the alignment between their personal career goals and values with those of a chosen company.

  3. Articulating Career Choices: Students will be able to clearly articulate why a chosen company stands out to them and what it represents, as well as define the role title they are targeting within that company.

  4. Job Opportunities: Students will learn how to leverage their knowledge about a company to identify specific job opportunities within that organization, considering roles that complement their skills and career aspirations.

  5. Communication and Networking: Students will develop skills in obtaining contact information and initiating conversations or networking with representatives from the chosen company.


The employer case study is a comprehensive project where students create a detailed profile for a company they would like to pursue in their job search, including key information about the company’s technology stack, features, and business model. They will evaluate the company’s strengths, culture, and strategic direction, while also formulating critical questions that are vital to ask during the job application and interview process.

Additionally, students will present their findings, draft essential essay prompts for future applications and interviews, including “Why us?” to demonstrate their understanding of the company, “Why this role?” to emphasize their alignment with the specific position they are pursuing, and “Why you?” to highlight their qualifications.

This project will equip students with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed career decisions and effectively communicate their value to potential employers.


There are three parts to this project:

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