Employer Case Study Project Expectations

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The Employer Case Study project has 5 primary components, described below.

Part 1: Find the Opportunity

  • Students identify a job opportunity that aligns with their career goals and interests.
  • They search for roles on job boards, company websites, and through networking.

Part 1 Deliverables

  • Send a copy of the job description to the instructor who will be leading your mock interview at least 24 hours before your scheduled interview time.

Part 2: Employer Persona and Case Study Outline

You will research the company of your chosen job opportunity from Part 1. You will articulate your genuine interest in the company (“Why Us”), understand the company’s needs for the specific role (“Why this Role”), and demonstrate why you are the right fit for the position (“Why You”).

Step 1: Define “Why this Company” - Demonstrating Genuine Interest

  • Introduce the concept of “Why this Company.”
  • Research to understand and answer the question, “Why Us?” for your ideal company.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in the organization.

Step 2: Components of “Why this Company” - Company Research

  • Break down the elements of “Why this Company.”
  • Research and provide insights into the company’s business model or competitive advantage that sets it apart in its industry.
  • Explore the company’s tech stack, addressing its technological aspects.
  • Investigate the cultural fit by describing the company’s impact and mission.

Step 3: Answer “Why this Role Exploration” - Understanding Hiring Manager Needs

  • Discuss the importance of understanding the hiring manager’s perspective.
  • Apply from the hiring manager’s viewpoint, explaining why the role is crucial for the company.
  • Perform a SWOT analysis of the role, considering its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Step 4: “Why You?” - Personal Motivation and Skill Match

  • Explore the “Why You?” aspect by focusing on personal motivation.
  • Identify what genuinely motivates you in the role.
  • Explain how your skills and experiences align with the role.
  • Address potential skills gaps and discuss how you plan to bridge them.

Part 2 Deliverables

  • Submit a resume and cover letter tailored to the role and company to the instructor who will be leading your mock interview at least 24 hours before your scheduled interview time.
    • A strong cover letter will include your answers to the the “why” questions above.
    • A strong resume will identify and extract relevant keywords, qualifications, responsibilities, and industry-specific details from the job description and use these extracted details to tailor the resume, ensuring it highlights your skills and experiences that match the requirements of the role.

Part 3: Interview Simulation - Week 5

The primary goal of the interview simulation, based on your selected job description, is to provide you with realistic and practical experience of a job interview process.

Interview Simulation Details

Part 4: Job Application Process

The next step of the employer case study, following the completion of the employer persona, is to apply to your chosen job opportunity using the 3-step application process.

IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to wait until after your interview simulation to complete these steps or apply to the job.

Application Process:

Outreach to Someone at the Company

  • Draft effective outreach messages, which could be emails, LinkedIn messages, or other suitable platforms.
  • Apply strategies to capture the recipient’s attention, showcase their genuine interest in the company, and encourage a positive response.

Prepare for the Meeting

  • If the outreach leads to a response and a meeting is scheduled, prepare for it by doing things like:
    • Developing a list of questions and topics to discuss
    • Researching the person you’ll meet with
    • Considering your own value proposition.

Complete Application

  • After networking and meeting with someone from the company, complete the job application process. You can further tailor your resume and cover letter to reflect the insights gained during your research and discussions.
    • NOTE: If you were unable to connect with someone at the company, you should still tailor your resume and cover letter with the details you learned during the Employer Persona Research Phase.
  • Follow through with the application, considering any additional materials or follow-up steps as needed.

This comprehensive job search process allows you to take the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired through the employer persona research and apply them to real-world job applications. It ensures that you approach their job search strategically and professionally, increasing your chances of success in securing roles that align with your career goals and values.

Part 4 Deliverables

  • Outline your application process, network efforts, and the outcomes for each step in your final presentation.

Evaluation and Final Presenation

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